Hof van Twente

2-hof-van-twenteSo as you may already know, I am an expat. That means that I was born in one country (America) and later moved to another ( The Netherlands). Untill I was 27 I associated bicycles with children and summer. Certainly not with commuting and pleasure. It has been 13 years since I moved to this little “kikkerlandje”, and the truth is I just love it here, and I fell in love with the bicycle. Cycling burns fat, it frees up endorphins and builds a strong cardiovascular system. Its faster than walking, but slower than driving giving you the option to both cover distance AND see the world around you. It is exactly that that inspired me to make this blog. Seeing the world around me, for the beauty that it is.

The next several posts will be about a place in Holland known as “De Hof van Twente”, rich in castles, farms and a deeply tragic war history it is a place full of culture that often goes unseen by those who do not speak the language.  Windmills, wooden shoes, and war monuments, that’s what  you’ll find if you just open your eyes and wander through the countryside with me.

The image featured in this post is of the small town of Delden, that was thusly named for the first time in the year 1036 by Bishop Meinwerk van Paderborn. Every time I cycle through here, it amazes me how beautiful this place is and yet I never actually stopped to take a picture, untill now.

It is a beautiful small town that I pass  through very often, either on my bike or in the train, Delden sits in the heart of twente. The image above on the left is Castle Twickel, which is to this day someones home.The last owner of the castle, Baroness van Heeckeren van Wassenaer decreed upon her death in 1975 that the castle should always remain a home. It is on occasion open to the public for viewing, and the gardens are free to visit any time you like.

Sounds like that is an adventure waiting for us, to wander about the castle grounds and gather stories and make pictures.

Untill next time.


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