Red Sonja Rides

me1I’ve seen a million things, had a hundred hair colours and a thousand nicknames, if ever I’ve had one. Phoenix, Valkyrie and Red Sonja to name a few. I like the names the people I’ve known have given me along the way. Each of them suggest a warrior woman unafraid of change. Standing in fire clad in leather and brandishing a sword; there are people who see me as a brash adventurer exploring both the deep inner world of the soul and the rich outer world of our planet. I, on the other hand, see myself as a terrified little girl who sometimes lets fear win, but other times refuses to give in to the great destroyer.  Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”  This is how my heart lives. Fearful or not, we only get one shot here on this earth, in this life. So go out, adventure, live, laugh, and love.

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Adventures of a Gypsy Soul

These are the stories of my adventures, Dr. Suess once said “Oh the places you’ll go” and this is the rule I live by. Me, and my bicycle exploring as many places as we can, near or far.

Just get on your bicycle and go.



Hof van Twente

2-hof-van-twenteSo as you may already know, I am an expat. That means that I was born in one country (America) and later moved to another ( The Netherlands). Untill I was 27 I associated bicycles with children and summer. Certainly not with commuting and pleasure. It has been 13 years since I moved to this little “kikkerlandje”, and the truth is I just love it here, and I fell in love with the bicycle. Cycling burns fat, it frees up endorphins and builds a strong cardiovascular system. Its faster than walking, but slower than driving giving you the option to both cover distance AND see the world around you. It is exactly that that inspired me to make this blog. Seeing the world around me, for the beauty that it is. Continue reading